Keep La Habra Safe and Thriving - Join the Conversation!

We are proud of our local quality of life in La Habra and we want to continue providing our residents with services which make La Habra a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

Like many cities in California, state "takeaways" and unfunded mandates impact our ability to meet those needs, particularly critical public safety services.

While the City has been able to address our needs and balance the budget through cuts and delays without impacting public services, external pressures beyond the City’s control continue to place stress on La Habra’s budget, potentially affecting the services our residents expect and deserve.

As part of our community-focused budget and planning process, the City recently conducted a community survey to gauge resident opinion on service priorities.  Some of the priorities identified by La Habrans include:

  1. Maintaining firefighter, paramedic, and 9-1-1- emergency response services;
  2. Maintaining gang prevention and anti-gang/anti-drug programs;
  3. Improving traffic flow;
  4. Protecting groundwater supplies;
  5. Removing hazardous waste from the community;
  6. Partnering with other North Orange County cities to reduce homelessness; and
  7. Improving the ability of the City to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters.

The City is committed to continuing to offer the highest level of service to our community.  To help us do that, we’d like to hear from you!

Please join the conversation today by reviewing the links below to the City of La Habra Community Issues Survey.  

Complete a Survey Engagement Form and return to to share your opinion on which priorities are most important to you!

If you are a representative of a civic or community organization that would like to schedule a presentation on these matters, or just have questions, please contact us by email at or 562-383-4010.

Click HERE for City of La Habra Community Issues Survey

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