2020 Ballot Measures


What are Measures W and X?

On August 3, 2020, the La Habra City Council placed Measure W on the November ballot for voter consideration.  If approved by La Habra voters, Measure W would allow the City to tax current or future cannabis businesses up to a 6% gross receipts tax and allow for the licensing of up to 4 cannabis retail home delivery businesses to operate in La Habra; however, the current ban on retail storefront cannabis businesses in La Habra would continue to stay in place.

Measure X was placed on the ballot via a citizen petition effort.  If approved by voters, Measure X would amend the La Habra General Plan to require majority voter approval to change the land use designation of any properties in the City currently designated as "Open Space" to any other type of land use designation.

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Why place Measure W on the ballot now?

While many cannabis businesses, including all retail cannabis businesses, are prohibited in the City of La Habra, the State of California has legalized them.  Despite the City's current ban, pursuant to State law cannabis home delivery services can and do currently operate in California cities, including La Habra.  Measure W would give the City the ability to authorize a home delivery cannabis business to operate in La Habra, if approved by the City Council.   The City also doesn't currently have the ability to require home delivery cannabis businesses that operate to pay a specific gross receipts tax.  Measure W will provide the City with the ability to make those administrative changes without removing the current ban on retail storefront cannabis businesses.

How can Measure W benefit the community?

Besides ensuring all cannabis businesses are treated equitably, if approved Measure could provide additional locally-controlled funds to help address recent and potential service cuts in areas that are valued by residents, including fire protection, 911/emergency medical response, public safety, senior programs, homelessness, and helping to retain small businesses.

Why was Measure X placed on the ballot?

In 2015, after a comprehensive update of the City's General Plan, a developer submitted a proposal to change the designation of Westridge Golf Course from "Open Space" to "Mixed-Use Residential" zoning.  Residents who disagreed with the proposed change circulated a petition to place Measure X on the ballot.

How would Measure X impact zoning decisions?

The City's established zoning ordinances, land use policies, and General Plan are designed to provide the City with a process to manage land use changes and development activity in the community.  Currently, zoning and land use changes are first considered by the La Habra Planning Commission, and then submitted to the City Council for final consideration.  Measure X would require an additional step specifically for any proposed land use changes affecting "Open Space" designated properties by requiring an election where local voters can vote on the proposed zoning change related to "Open Space."

What areas in La Habra are designated as Open Space that could be impacted by Measure X?

Measure X would impact City-owned parks, some stormwater systems/flood channels, and two privately-owned parcels of land.

Has the City taken a position on Measure X?

No, the City has not taken a position on Measure X.

How can I get more information about the La Habra General Municipal Election?

Please visit the City of La Habra's election page HERE or visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters website HERE for more information about the upcoming 2020 General Municipal Election, including important information on how to register to vote, the different voting options that are now available, such as voting-by-mail, the location of voter centers and ballot drop boxes, and what to expect if you choose to cast your vote at a Vote Center.