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11am Tiny Tigers Taekwondo Thu, Mar/05/2015 Thu, Mar/05/2015

St. Patrick's Puppet Thu, Mar/05/2015 Thu, Mar/05/2015

Read Across America Celebration Fri, Mar/06/2015 Fri, Mar/06/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Mar/06/2015 Fri, Mar/06/2015

St. Patrick's Puppet Sat, Mar/07/2015 Sat, Mar/07/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Mar/08/2015 Sun, Mar/08/2015

Family Art Sundays: Playing with Paper Sun, Mar/08/2015 Sun, Mar/08/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Mar/09/2015 Mon, Mar/09/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Mar/10/2015 Tue, Mar/10/2015

Pot of Gold Windsock Tue, Mar/10/2015 Tue, Mar/10/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Mar/11/2015 Wed, Mar/11/2015

Pot of Gold Windsock Thu, Mar/12/2015 Thu, Mar/12/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Mar/13/2015 Fri, Mar/13/2015

Leprechaun Hat Craft Sat, Mar/14/2015 Sat, Mar/14/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Mar/15/2015 Sun, Mar/15/2015

Family Art Sundays: Playing with Paper Sun, Mar/15/2015 Sun, Mar/15/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Mar/16/2015 Mon, Mar/16/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Mar/17/2015 Tue, Mar/17/2015

Leprechaun Hat Craft Tue, Mar/17/2015 Tue, Mar/17/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Mar/18/2015 Wed, Mar/18/2015

10:30am Mini Yogis Thu, Mar/19/2015 Thu, Mar/19/2015

Leprechaun Hat Craft Thu, Mar/19/2015 Thu, Mar/19/2015

5-6:30pm Volunteer Orientation Thu, Mar/19/2015 Thu, Mar/19/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Mar/20/2015 Fri, Mar/20/2015

La Habra Races Sat, Mar/21/2015 Sat, Mar/21/2015

Rainbow Shaker Craft Sat, Mar/21/2015 Sat, Mar/21/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Mar/22/2015 Sun, Mar/22/2015

Family Art Sundays: Playing with Paper Sun, Mar/22/2015 Sun, Mar/22/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Mar/23/2015 Mon, Mar/23/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Mar/24/2015 Tue, Mar/24/2015

Paperplate Ladybug Tue, Mar/24/2015 Tue, Mar/24/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Mar/25/2015 Wed, Mar/25/2015

Paperplate Ladybug Thu, Mar/26/2015 Thu, Mar/26/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Mar/27/2015 Fri, Mar/27/2015

Kids' Night Out - March 2015 Fri, Mar/27/2015 Fri, Mar/27/2015

Paperplate Ladybug Sat, Mar/28/2015 Sat, Mar/28/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Mar/29/2015 Sun, Mar/29/2015

Family Art Sundays: Playing with Paper Sun, Mar/29/2015 Sun, Mar/29/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Mar/30/2015 Mon, Mar/30/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Mar/31/2015 Tue, Mar/31/2015

Rainbow Shakers Tue, Mar/31/2015 Tue, Mar/31/2015

California Full of Life Exhibit Opens! Tue, Mar/31/2015 Mon, Aug/24/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Apr/01/2015 Wed, Apr/01/2015

11am Tiny Tigers Taekwondo Thu, Apr/02/2015 Thu, Apr/02/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Apr/03/2015 Fri, Apr/03/2015

14th Annual Spring Family Eggstravaganza Sat, Apr/04/2015 Sat, Apr/04/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Apr/05/2015 Sun, Apr/05/2015

Closed for Easter Sun, Apr/05/2015 Sun, Apr/05/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Apr/06/2015 Mon, Apr/06/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Apr/07/2015 Tue, Apr/07/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Apr/08/2015 Wed, Apr/08/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Apr/10/2015 Fri, Apr/10/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Apr/12/2015 Sun, Apr/12/2015

Target Free Day: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Sun, Apr/12/2015 Sun, Apr/12/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Apr/13/2015 Mon, Apr/13/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Apr/14/2015 Tue, Apr/14/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Apr/15/2015 Wed, Apr/15/2015

10:30am Mini Yogis Thu, Apr/16/2015 Thu, Apr/16/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Apr/17/2015 Fri, Apr/17/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Apr/19/2015 Sun, Apr/19/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Apr/20/2015 Mon, Apr/20/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Apr/21/2015 Tue, Apr/21/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Apr/22/2015 Wed, Apr/22/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Apr/24/2015 Fri, Apr/24/2015

Kids' Night Out - April 2015 Fri, Apr/24/2015 Fri, Apr/24/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Apr/26/2015 Sun, Apr/26/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Apr/27/2015 Mon, Apr/27/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Apr/28/2015 Tue, Apr/28/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Apr/29/2015 Wed, Apr/29/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, May/01/2015 Fri, May/01/2015

Spring Citrus Fair Fri, May/01/2015 Sun, May/03/2015

Target FREE Saturday: Art Escape Sun, May/03/2015 Sun, May/03/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, May/03/2015 Sun, May/03/2015

Museum Closed Mon, May/04/2015 Mon, May/04/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, May/05/2015 Tue, May/05/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, May/06/2015 Wed, May/06/2015

11am Tiny Tigers Taekwondo Thu, May/07/2015 Thu, May/07/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, May/08/2015 Fri, May/08/2015

Children's Museum Closed for Mother's Day Sun, May/10/2015 Sun, May/10/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, May/10/2015 Sun, May/10/2015

Museum Closed Mon, May/11/2015 Mon, May/11/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, May/12/2015 Tue, May/12/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, May/13/2015 Wed, May/13/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, May/15/2015 Fri, May/15/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, May/17/2015 Sun, May/17/2015

Museum Closed Mon, May/18/2015 Mon, May/18/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, May/19/2015 Tue, May/19/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, May/20/2015 Wed, May/20/2015

10:30am Mini Yogis Thu, May/21/2015 Thu, May/21/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, May/22/2015 Fri, May/22/2015

Kids' Night Out - May 2015 Fri, May/22/2015 Fri, May/22/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, May/24/2015 Sun, May/24/2015

Museum Closed Mon, May/25/2015 Mon, May/25/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, May/26/2015 Tue, May/26/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, May/27/2015 Wed, May/27/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, May/29/2015 Fri, May/29/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, May/31/2015 Sun, May/31/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jun/01/2015 Mon, Jun/01/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jun/02/2015 Tue, Jun/02/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jun/03/2015 Wed, Jun/03/2015

11am Tiny Tigers Taekwondo Thu, Jun/04/2015 Thu, Jun/04/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jun/05/2015 Fri, Jun/05/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jun/07/2015 Sun, Jun/07/2015

Target Free Day: Rail Road Round-Up Sun, Jun/07/2015 Sun, Jun/07/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jun/08/2015 Mon, Jun/08/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jun/09/2015 Tue, Jun/09/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jun/10/2015 Wed, Jun/10/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jun/12/2015 Fri, Jun/12/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jun/14/2015 Sun, Jun/14/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jun/15/2015 Mon, Jun/15/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jun/16/2015 Tue, Jun/16/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jun/17/2015 Wed, Jun/17/2015

10:30am Mini Yogis Thu, Jun/18/2015 Thu, Jun/18/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jun/19/2015 Fri, Jun/19/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jun/21/2015 Sun, Jun/21/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jun/22/2015 Mon, Jun/22/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jun/23/2015 Tue, Jun/23/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jun/24/2015 Wed, Jun/24/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jun/26/2015 Fri, Jun/26/2015

Kids' Night Out - June 2015 Fri, Jun/26/2015 Fri, Jun/26/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jun/28/2015 Sun, Jun/28/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jun/29/2015 Mon, Jun/29/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jun/30/2015 Tue, Jun/30/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jul/01/2015 Wed, Jul/01/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jul/03/2015 Fri, Jul/03/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jul/05/2015 Sun, Jul/05/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jul/06/2015 Mon, Jul/06/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jul/07/2015 Tue, Jul/07/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jul/08/2015 Wed, Jul/08/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jul/10/2015 Fri, Jul/10/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jul/12/2015 Sun, Jul/12/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jul/13/2015 Mon, Jul/13/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jul/14/2015 Tue, Jul/14/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jul/15/2015 Wed, Jul/15/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jul/17/2015 Fri, Jul/17/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jul/19/2015 Sun, Jul/19/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jul/20/2015 Mon, Jul/20/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jul/21/2015 Tue, Jul/21/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jul/22/2015 Wed, Jul/22/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jul/24/2015 Fri, Jul/24/2015

Kids' Night Out - July 2015 Fri, Jul/24/2015 Fri, Jul/24/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Jul/26/2015 Sun, Jul/26/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Jul/27/2015 Mon, Jul/27/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Jul/28/2015 Tue, Jul/28/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Jul/29/2015 Wed, Jul/29/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Jul/31/2015 Fri, Jul/31/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Aug/02/2015 Sun, Aug/02/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Aug/03/2015 Mon, Aug/03/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Aug/04/2015 Tue, Aug/04/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Aug/05/2015 Wed, Aug/05/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Aug/07/2015 Fri, Aug/07/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Aug/09/2015 Sun, Aug/09/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Aug/10/2015 Mon, Aug/10/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Aug/11/2015 Tue, Aug/11/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Aug/12/2015 Wed, Aug/12/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Aug/14/2015 Fri, Aug/14/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Aug/16/2015 Sun, Aug/16/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Aug/17/2015 Mon, Aug/17/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Aug/18/2015 Tue, Aug/18/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Aug/19/2015 Wed, Aug/19/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Aug/21/2015 Fri, Aug/21/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Aug/23/2015 Sun, Aug/23/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Aug/24/2015 Mon, Aug/24/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Aug/25/2015 Tue, Aug/25/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Aug/26/2015 Wed, Aug/26/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Aug/28/2015 Fri, Aug/28/2015

Kids' Night Out - August 2015 Fri, Aug/28/2015 Fri, Aug/28/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Aug/30/2015 Sun, Aug/30/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Aug/31/2015 Mon, Aug/31/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Sep/01/2015 Tue, Sep/01/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Sep/02/2015 Wed, Sep/02/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Sep/04/2015 Fri, Sep/04/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Sep/06/2015 Sun, Sep/06/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Sep/07/2015 Mon, Sep/07/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Sep/08/2015 Tue, Sep/08/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Sep/09/2015 Wed, Sep/09/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Sep/11/2015 Fri, Sep/11/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Sep/13/2015 Sun, Sep/13/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Sep/14/2015 Mon, Sep/14/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Sep/15/2015 Tue, Sep/15/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Sep/16/2015 Wed, Sep/16/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Sep/18/2015 Fri, Sep/18/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Sep/20/2015 Sun, Sep/20/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Sep/21/2015 Mon, Sep/21/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Sep/22/2015 Tue, Sep/22/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Sep/23/2015 Wed, Sep/23/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Sep/25/2015 Fri, Sep/25/2015

Kids' Night Out - September 2015 Fri, Sep/25/2015 Fri, Sep/25/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Sep/27/2015 Sun, Sep/27/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Sep/28/2015 Mon, Sep/28/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Sep/29/2015 Tue, Sep/29/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Sep/30/2015 Wed, Sep/30/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Oct/02/2015 Fri, Oct/02/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Oct/04/2015 Sun, Oct/04/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Oct/05/2015 Mon, Oct/05/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Oct/06/2015 Tue, Oct/06/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Oct/07/2015 Wed, Oct/07/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Oct/09/2015 Fri, Oct/09/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Oct/11/2015 Sun, Oct/11/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Oct/12/2015 Mon, Oct/12/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Oct/13/2015 Tue, Oct/13/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Oct/14/2015 Wed, Oct/14/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Oct/16/2015 Fri, Oct/16/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Oct/18/2015 Sun, Oct/18/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Oct/19/2015 Mon, Oct/19/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Oct/20/2015 Tue, Oct/20/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Oct/21/2015 Wed, Oct/21/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Oct/23/2015 Fri, Oct/23/2015

Kids' NIght Out - October 2015 Fri, Oct/23/2015 Fri, Oct/23/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Oct/25/2015 Sun, Oct/25/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Oct/26/2015 Mon, Oct/26/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Oct/27/2015 Tue, Oct/27/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Oct/28/2015 Wed, Oct/28/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Oct/30/2015 Fri, Oct/30/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Nov/01/2015 Sun, Nov/01/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Nov/02/2015 Mon, Nov/02/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Nov/03/2015 Tue, Nov/03/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Nov/04/2015 Wed, Nov/04/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Nov/06/2015 Fri, Nov/06/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Nov/08/2015 Sun, Nov/08/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Nov/09/2015 Mon, Nov/09/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Nov/10/2015 Tue, Nov/10/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Nov/11/2015 Wed, Nov/11/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Nov/13/2015 Fri, Nov/13/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Nov/15/2015 Sun, Nov/15/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Nov/16/2015 Mon, Nov/16/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Nov/17/2015 Tue, Nov/17/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Nov/18/2015 Wed, Nov/18/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Nov/20/2015 Fri, Nov/20/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Nov/22/2015 Sun, Nov/22/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Nov/23/2015 Mon, Nov/23/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Nov/24/2015 Tue, Nov/24/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Nov/25/2015 Wed, Nov/25/2015

Black Friday Kid Drop/Parent Shop Fri, Nov/27/2015 Fri, Nov/27/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Nov/27/2015 Fri, Nov/27/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Nov/29/2015 Sun, Nov/29/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Nov/30/2015 Mon, Nov/30/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Dec/01/2015 Tue, Dec/01/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Dec/02/2015 Wed, Dec/02/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Dec/04/2015 Fri, Dec/04/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Dec/06/2015 Sun, Dec/06/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Dec/07/2015 Mon, Dec/07/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Dec/08/2015 Tue, Dec/08/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Dec/09/2015 Wed, Dec/09/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Dec/11/2015 Fri, Dec/11/2015

Holiday Parent Shop & Kid Drop Sat, Dec/12/2015 Sat, Dec/12/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Dec/13/2015 Sun, Dec/13/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Dec/14/2015 Mon, Dec/14/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Dec/15/2015 Tue, Dec/15/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Dec/16/2015 Wed, Dec/16/2015

11am-3pm Free Art Fridays Fri, Dec/18/2015 Fri, Dec/18/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Dec/20/2015 Sun, Dec/20/2015

Auditions for "Pirates of Penzance" 2nd Sun, Dec/20/2015 Sun, Dec/20/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Dec/21/2015 Mon, Dec/21/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Dec/22/2015 Tue, Dec/22/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Dec/23/2015 Wed, Dec/23/2015

Critter Encounter Sun, Dec/27/2015 Sun, Dec/27/2015

Museum Closed Mon, Dec/28/2015 Mon, Dec/28/2015

11:15am Reading Circle Tue, Dec/29/2015 Tue, Dec/29/2015

11-3pm Little Picassos Wed, Dec/30/2015 Wed, Dec/30/2015

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